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Wednesday, May 5, 2010


The Treasury Package for the fixation of Pay in new PRC for A.P. GOVT Employees has still got some flaws such as 'not getting pay scale in option form', 'not getting SPay, PPay etc in Appendix' and 'formatting issues' etc. They have to be rectified.

The Memo No. M1/3768/2010 dated 28-04-2010 issued by the Directorate of Treasuries and Accounts instructs all Treasury Officers to pass the PRC-2010 arrear bills if they are in order. It also says that "a software package is ready and may be used by DDO's" and also says that "there is no guarantee that the bill is perfect." Hence the following programmes may be used for preparing and submitting the arrear bills. Do it both ways and take print outs from the following programmes because the treasury package bills need to be formated a lot to accommodate them into standard size sheets.

Please download the following updated programmes of the previous versions which I posted on 02-05-2010. Mr. P. Srinivasa Reddy of PRTU has taken pains to make our job easier. Take pint outs and compare them with the treasury package while submitting the data online.

1. The following programme is an updated version for non promotee teachers (after 01-07-2008)

2. The following programme is an updated version for promotee teachers with increment date as their option date (after 01-07-2008)

3. The following programme is for promotee teachers with promotion date as their option date (after 01-07-2008)

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